Cosmetic teeth straightening

Cosmetic teeth straightening focuses on moving the teeth visible in your smile line, usually your front 6 to 8 teeth. 

As these treatments focus on fewer teeth, results can be achieved quicker than full orthodontic treatment, in as little as 6 months. 

It is often more comfortable than may other orthodontic systems, as it uses less force to move the teeth ensuring it is gentler on the gums and soft tissue.

Treatment is discreet too! At Granville Dental & Implant Clinic we use a choice of clear ceramic brackets, to blend with your natural teeth, or near invisible removable aligners. These discreet options means your braces often go unnoticed.

At Granville Dental & Implant Clinic, we offer Quick Straight Teeth.

As the name suggests, this treatment is a cosmetic treatment rather than orthodontic treatment. It won't correct any problems you have with the jaw alignment or bite, and therefore may not be suitable for all patients. We will invite you in for an initial consultation with a Granville Dental & Implant Clinic dentist, to establish your individual needs, and recommend the best options for a straightening solution for you.

    Am I suitable for treatment?

    Patients who have a mild to moderate crowding or protrusion of their front teeth could well be suitable for treatment with Quick Straight Teeth™. At Granville Dental & Implant Clinic we offer a free consultation where we will give our advice and suggest a suitable course of treatment for all patients.

      How long does treatment take?

      The total duration of treatment will depend on the complexity of the treatment. Our average treatment time at Granville Dental & Implant Clinic is 1 – 6 months depending on complexity. Once you have had your consultation, your dentist will be able to give you an estimation of total treatment time.

        What will I look like with braces in?

        The clear braces used are subtle and will not be noticeable. Previous patients have stated that they went through treatment without anyone noticing.

        How often do I have to go see my dentist once I begin my treatment?

        This will depend on the products used during your treatment. On average patients at Granville Dental & Implant Clinic visit us every two to four weeks. You will be told exactly how often you need to attend after your first consultation with your dentist.

        To find out if this treatment is right for you, contact Granville Dental & Implant Clinic on 0116 255 1882 today!

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