What is Orthodontics?

 Orthodontics is a subset of dentistry that focusses on the cosmetic side of oral health. Orthodontists are usually concerned with the appearance of teeth and how to straighten them. In fact, the term “orthodontics” literally means “to straighten teeth”, and is the first specialism in dentistry. The orthodontist’s purpose is to prevent and treat malocclusion, which can interfere with eating and the cleaning of teeth.

When should you have Orthodontics?

 Though the reasons for seeing an orthodontist are usually aesthetic ones, a straight set of teeth can help prevent emotional and psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and a lack of self-confidence. Orthodontics can also help in the long-term with regard to dental health, as teeth become easier to clean and therefore less likely to develop other problems. Other, more serious problems can also be overcome by orthodontic treatment, such as protrusions, obstructions, overcrowding, open bite (back teeth that don’t touch when the mouth is closed) and deep bite (lower teeth overlap the upper teeth).

Choosing you clinician

Orthodontics is a highly specialised area of dentistry and our clinicians have trained for many years and treated thousands of cases successfully. A beautiful smile will take anywhere from as little as six weeks to eighteen months to create. Orthodontic treatmentcan be complex and so you should always check your clinician is an expert in the field before starting treatment.

The Process

 The Orthodontists at Granville Dental Practice are experts in their field, and are ready to answer all your questions and give you the best advice possible. Our practice offers all the best of modern orthodontics, from invisible braces such as Invisalign through to the fixed metal “train track” braces. We also offer ceramic “tooth coloured” braces.

What is the right solution for me?

We offer all that modern orthodontics has available to our patients, including fixed braces and invisible braces. We also treat patients using removable and fixed alternatives. The right treatment for you depends on your needs.

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces (train tracks) can either be total or partial and are fitted permanently until the desired straightening of teeth is achieved.  Fixed braces are comprised of brackets interconnected by metallic and elastic arches and fastened to the teeth with an adhesive substance. There are metal braces, ceramic braces (which are “tooth-coloured”).

Before and After

Patient 1

ortho-9 before appollonia ortho-9 after apollonia

Patient 2

ortho-2before ortho-2after

Patient 3

ortho-1 before ortho-1 after