Dental Phobia

Dental phobia is a common response to the prospect of visiting your dentist or undergoing any dental surgery. In fact a survey by the British Dental Association shows us that 25% of people suffer from anxiety before visiting the dentist.

Our dentist in Granville Dental Practice understand that dental phobia can be caused by any number of factors, and whether it is the dentist, the instruments, past experience or a general fear, dental phobia is a condition unique to each person but one we can help you overcome.

We believe dental health is critical to general health and a visit to the dentist is absolutely necessary. We want every patient to feel at ease when visiting us, not only because avoiding dental treatment can have serious health consequences, but also because every patient deserves peace of mind and the best care possible.

How do we help?

To help anxious patients our friendly, caring team has been specifically trained to provide the technology and techniques, such as sedation, necessary for supporting dental phobic patients. Some information how we can help are detailed below, or feel free to give us a call.

Minimizing phobia with the environment

By providing a safe, comfortable environment, staffed with our highly trained team we do everything we can to ease anxiety and help our patients to relax. Our reception area is calm and tranquil with comfortable seating, magazines and papers to read and in the surgery we have comfortable chairs and can even play the music of choice.

Minimizing phobia with gentle dentistry and technique

Our skilled staff take the time to talk to our patients and determine the cause of the anxiety, which allows them to provide the sensitivity necessary. We take great care to understand how our patients feel and act accordingly.

By providing a gentle, caring approach to dentistry we maintain a relaxed atmosphere where our patients can feel safe and secure. We believe maximising relaxation techniques are just as important as technical expertise, so from the moment you enter to the moment you, you can remain in a relaxed state of mind.

One important aspect of this technique is talking to you. This gives both us and you the chance to get to know each other and discuss the procedures in detail. We can then guide you through the various stages, as well as informing them about how they will feel and what they can expect throughout their treatment. We’ve found this helps the patient begin their surgery feeling much more confident and relaxed, with a dentist they feel they can trust.

Minimizing phobia with sedation dentistry and technology

While the personal touch is vital, technology can also play an important role. We continue to carry out research and this includes the use of sedatives. Whether intravenous or oral, we can provide sedation to help ease you into a relaxed state before undergoing treatment.

Minimizing phobia with behavioural techniques

While we take every effort to help relieve your anxiety and keep you relaxed, there are a number of tips that will help you overcome your phobia:

• Choosing a morning appointment means you won’t have it hanging over you all day and there will be less time to overthink it.

• Remember your first appointment will just be a consultation. There really is no need to do anything more than talk to your dentist, giving you the chance to ask any questions you may have and get to know your dentist.

• Take a friend or family member with you for moral support.

• Talk to your friends and family beforehand about their own experiences.

• Before treatment begins, agree on a signal with the dentist in case you feel the need for a break during a procedure. This will give you a feeling of control that will ease your anxiety.

• Start off small and let your dentist clean and polish your teeth. This is a quick, simple procedure that will help you become accustomed to receiving treatment in this environment.

We pride ourselves on providing patients with first-rate treatment and keeping them happy and relaxed is a big part of this. Through a combination of really caring, friendly customer service, relaxation techniques and cutting-edge technology, we help put your mind at rest and ensure that your visit is a comfortable, and successful one.


I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation of your wonderful staff. I am a new patient and have struggled with a fear of dentists for as long as I can remember. However, I received professional, warm, compassionate care. Not only did they make me feel comfortable, they treated me with such compassion and has treated me like an individual. By the time I found your practice I was beginning to avoid necessary treatment due to fear, but you have reversed this for me. It takes more than mastering the technical skills to be a great dentist, it takes a great deal of attention, patience, understanding, compassion and warmth. The treatment I have received from you was truly gentle and I would recommend anyone to visit your surgery, the patient care is second to none.


“Please can you pass on thanks to your dentist for me? They extracted my tooth about two weeks ago – and made the whole experience easy. They explained the procedure & treatment very well. Can’t remember a thing whilst having the tooth removed, (sedated) came home and had a few quality hours sleep, went to work the next morning and have not needed pain killers, no problems at all encountered. I have virtually forgotten all about it and find myself already eating on the side – Which I’ve not done in years!

From dreading the procedure – I’d now happily recommend it!

Thanks you”


“I came to the dental practice with my daughter. My daughter is 4 years old and I wanted to send a message to say a big thank you for how you dealt with and treated her. We were very anxious about the visit but the staff were absolutely wonderful. They really took the time to put Rose at ease and make the procedure as comfortable as possible for her. Rose did not find the visit distressing in any way and in fact she refers to the experience positively and giggles, which I did not ever think would be the case! We want to say thank you and that your considered approach really made a difference to us. Many Thanks”